How Teamjuh can help you to start an e-commerce store?

Today we are living in a digital or electronic world. Where we can easily do any work online from our home e.g paying bills, online shopping, etc.  All of this has made our lives much easier, fast & outstanding. Even you don’t have to leave your home to do a job or business. You can easily do your business by selling your products through E-commerce from the comfort of your home. E-commerce means electronic marketing.  In which you can buy, sell & exchange goods and services through the internet. To start an E-commerce business you have to need an online e-commerce store or website, where you can easily showcase your product and sell it.

Here’s a question that is, how do you make a good online e-commerce store?

But you Don’t have to worry,  We have a solution to all your problems that is Teamjuh.

Teamjuh is a one-click solution for your smart business. Teamjuh completely guides & supports you in your online business journey. Teamjuh offers website development, e-commerce stores, VAs, digital marketing guide, and brand development. Whether you’re a starter or an established businessman, Teamjuh helps you to grow your business.

How Teamjuh works:

Teamjuh has all that you need to empower your online store & make it outstanding. We have well-experienced web developers & customized website designs or ideas to create the most expressive online e-commerce store. By the way, Teamjuh offers a variety of services and works on all kinds of e-commerce platforms. But especially provides services related to the e-commerce WordPress website and the Shopify stores.  But before we talk about these two platforms and their development procedure, let us tell you which steps Teamjuh follows for the ultimate work:

  1. Planning: When you contact Teamjuh,  We ask some questions  & other details to understand your needs and customize your websites, Like:
  • What are your requirements?  
  • How many products do you have?
  • Do you have any previous experience with any e-commerce platform?  
  1. Development: In the second step, we combine your answers and instructions with relevant e-commerce shop themes and research to make a powerful e-commerce website framework and send it to you for approval.
  1. Launching: After your approval and optimization tests, Teamjuh launches the website and monitors it for a few days to make sure that it works effectively.

1.WordPress Woocommerce website: If you’re a successful business owner, but you are ready to take the next step to grow your business according to the latest trends.  The better way to do that get a better e-commerce website.  WordPress is an open-source content management system where you can easily create your own e-commerce website and customized it with help of elementor or some other page builders, Teamjuh helps you to get a complete user-friendly mobile responsive website. Teamjuh provides you with the best ever e-commerce website for your business in the following steps:

  • Domain selection:  In the first step, Teamjuh selects & purchases a unique name for your website which is called the domain name. A domain name helps your customers to find your website easily.(If you already have a domain name we will simply connect it with hosting.)
  • Hosting: In the second step, Teamjuh helps you to get hosting for your website. Hosting is a space where your website data is published & stored on the internet.
  • Theme selection: At this stage, Teamjuh selects a user-friendly customize theme that represents your website in a beautiful way and appeals to customers.
    Note: Themes selection will be done according to the requirements or relevant to your products.
  • Development: After choosing a perfect theme Teamjuh deeveloper will do content customization and graphic texting according to your niche. Teamjuh developers will also do plugin installation & SEO optimization to rank your website on top.
  • Final product: After completing the whole development process Teamjuh sends the final product to you for approval.
  1. Shopify Store: Shopify is a digital e-commerce platform that is best for business starters or small business owners who are ready to take the next step to grow their online business. Teamjuh offers you the complete Shopify e-commerce store guideline to open an online store & make money.

Shopify store development steps are the following:


  • Shopify plan selection:  Shopify offers many pricing plans with a variety of features. Teamjuh helps you to get one of the best Shopify plans that fitted to your niche and business budget.
  • Domain integration:

                                    In the second step, If you have already bought a domain name with a third-party e.g Godaddy, or Namecheap . we will help you to connect it with Shopify or if you already bought it on the Shopify domain will be shown on your Shopify dashboard. Or if you don’t buy the domain Teamjuh will help you to get a domain name for your brand. 

  • Theme selection: Themes help to determine how your online e-commerce store looks & feels to customers who visit it. Every theme has different styles, layouts, and pricing . Teamjuh selects the best theme for your business store that attracts customers.WE have our own ready-to-go themes as well. 
  • development: After theme selection, Teamjuh developers will customize your online store according to your business plan, adds your products, and makes it hassle-free for your customers.
  • Final product: When your e-commerce store is ready to use Teamjuh sends it to you for approval. Teamjuh also provides unlimited revisions, free consultancy, and after web launching free 30 days of support.

Last but not least is that Teamjuh is a complete & reliable platform for your e-commerce business journey, which is always with you and within your reach to take your e-commerce business to the next level.